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Despite all the happiness that children may bring us, they also bring along stress and responsibilities, and mothers are always in need of advice but are often hesitant over where to seek it. In realisation of the needs that every young mother has, one mother, in this case, our cover star Rula Khoury felt the need to launch the Jomamaz Community – a practical Facebook group where mothers who are based in Jordan could interact with each other, give advice on the best nurseries, schools, doctors, hospitals, equipment, stores, malls and so much  more. This facilitated in creating an open dialogue between the mothers of Jordan where they could talk about topics that they were too scared to ask in person. The group acted as a safe haven which quickly got more and more members just from word of mouth.

Through Rula’s Facebook group and Instagram account, she inspires mothers to find themselves again and to focus on things that are personally important to them. Within the Jomamaz group, one can expect to find helpful, credible and inspirational words of wisdom from fellow women who are in the same boat as them. She believes that a woman who is happy has the potential to spread even more joy and happiness. Also, this is a great way to set a positive example to children so that they learn to value balance in all aspects of their life.


How did it all start?

I started Jomamaz in 2011 when my son was born. At the time I wanted to network with other mothers and so I created a Facebook group through which mothers like myself could plan play dates and be in touch. The group grew organically, friends added friends, and then after my daughter was born I decided to take it to the next level which is when I decided to brand it and I even created a logo.


How does Jomamaz work and what is your role within the group?

I realised as the Facebook group grew that I needed to move into the role of a moderator and what that essentially means is that I approve members, I check out their profile, verify if they are actually mother's, ensure that they are somehow related to the community, approve the posts that go out as it is important for all posts to be of relevance to the group. All content is thoroughly reviewed thus ensuring that it is not offensive to other mothers and that the quality of the group is upheld. This is how the group continues to grow since women feel comfortable, safe and know that all content is of value to them personally.


 The group continues to grow since women feel comfortable, safe and know that all content is of value to them personally.



What kind of posts can someone expect to see on Jomamaz?

What I am doing with my page is blogging about all my experiences whether I am travelling, going to the gym with my kids, or even just spending time helping my kids with their homework. What other mothers can expect to see is a walk through into my journey of trying to maintain a balance which is hard but worth all the effort. I feel that mums are sometimes lost within their day to day tasks, and they tend to lose their sense of self. So what I try to do on Jomamaz is share how I am able to do everything and still be a mum.


Do you have any advice for our reader?

My advice as a mother is never to lose your sense of self. Something that I have learned recently is that you should always focus on yourself first especially if you're a mother as we tend to give up a lot about who we are. At one point you had a career, you focused on yourself, got married, then had kids and somewhere along the way you forget who you were. So make sure to focus on yourself so that you can be happy too.


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